Catching Fire

Monday, February 1, 2010

Written with the same amount of intensity, excitement, and drive, this highly-anticipated sequel to The Hunger Games does not disappoint.

:Spoiler ONLY if you have NOT read the first book::

Synopsis: It picks right where it left off in the first book in this young adult trilogy. Katniss won the games, but so did Peeta. Now they are back in the city of Panem, and the government (fondly called the Capitol) is furious as to how both of them tricked them into letting two contestants win. This results in a plan of twisted vengeance that could change not only their lives, but the future of the whole city.

Review: This sequel has everything the first book has, so if you liked that one, you would like this too. Truthfully, a part of me actually thought this was better than its predecessor, which is a rarity when it comes to follow-ups.
In Catching Fire, we learn more about the main characters, as well as the Capitol, which I thought was really interesting and intriguing.

Overall, I think this was used mainly as a follow-up, adding in much needed information that the first book lacked, and as a perfect transition for its conclusion in the final book. A very good one at that. Fans will not be disappointed.

Note: Final book will be out on Aug2010.

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