Under the Dome

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Synopsis: A small town in New England is just like another normal, average town. Until one day, when it found itself cut off from the rest of the world when a huge and clear dome-like barrier appears, trapping them inside and separating them from the outside. People have different questions; What is it? Why is it there? What will happen to the townspeople? When will it disappear? When will things go back to normal? As the situation escalates and eventually becomes an emergency situation, different people in power and position (government, scientists, etc) try to solve the mystery of this barrier and ultimately, break it down.

Review: I've read few of Stephen King's popular books, and I've always been in awe with his work. I like how he is capable of not only instilling fear in his readers, but making them think about that fear, long after the story is finished.
This one is a little bit different from his usual work, mainly because it's not about ghosts or supernatural beings anymore. This novel works with the horror of reality--of the world today, and what humans are capable of doing at a time of need.
I have to say, this is a unique and a very interesting story line. I was eager to find out more about it, and as I was reading, found my interest still there. The characters are well-developed, as well as the events leading up to its satisfying conclusion. However, this is probably NOT AS good as King's other works of horror. I don't know if it's because it was a bit too disturbing for my taste (but I guess it shows the point of showing human ugliness) or.. I'm not entirely sure.

I do recommend it, only if you would find this plot appealing to you. Again, this is a disturbing book, just to let you know ahead before you dive into it. If you have read it already, please tell me how you felt about it and what you think about it. This is just one of those books, I have mixed thoughts and feelings about it.

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