Nanny Returns by Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Genre: General Fiction / Sequel to The Nanny Diaries
Source: Library
Summary: Twelve years after The Nanny Diaries, Nan Hutchinson is back. She is now married to her husband and both decided to settle down in New York. Things seem to be going well as she is on the verge of getting her new business up and working while fixing their new apartment. Then one night, a knock on the door startles her. She is surprised to see Grayer -- drunk and ready to pass out -- on her doorstep, suddenly asking her why she abandoned him all those years ago. In an attempt to save herself from guilt, she agrees when Grayer asks her if she could do him and his little brother, Stilton, a favor. Now she finds herself back to where she was twelve years ago; face to face with her previous employers-- the ones she swore to herself she wouldn't dare face again.

Review: I have to be honest; this is one of those books that is sadly, just mediocre. Just okay. "Eh." A bit blah. While reading this, I had to tell myself a couple of times, "I have so many good books in my TBR pile waiting for me and I had to choose this?"
Personally, for me, it doesn't really matter if I read it or not -- because it doesn't make a difference. It left no impact whatsoever. And yes, I was looking and expecting for a quick, fun, and light read. But that's the problem; it was not quick. The pace was a bit slow, and I have to admit, I was a bit bored by it. Second, it was not fun. Like I said, I did not understand why I was reading this book. The truth is, I found myself annoyed by several characters. Third, yes, I guess it was a light read, but was one that was not executed very well.

As for the writing, I thought it was alright; it was not bad. It was engaging in some parts. However, I thought there were a lot of stereotypes and cliches used to describe the characters and their personalities. I also thought that most of the dialogues were overdone and corny. And speaking of the characters, I did not find the main character -- Nan Hutchinson -- to be likable at all.

Overall, I thought the book started slowly, and even took a longer time to build up. The truth is, there were several times I found myself wondering what really was going on in the story. It rarely picked up, and when it did, it just wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong; it wasn't a horrible book, but I can definitely say it wasn't good either. At all. The truth? Whether you read it or not, this book will not make any difference or impact whatsoever. I suggest you skip it. That's just me though.


  1. I felt the same way about the first book, which is why already had no plans to read the second...sorry for your lost reading time, but thanks for the review! You persevered for us :)

  2. i didn't enjoy the first book much, so i never thought to pick up the sequel. not really my thing, i guess. thanks for the review, though!