Top Ten Picks: Literary 'Crushes'!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do you like the new badge?? :)Top Ten Picks is a weekly meme where I would be posting just about that -- my top 10 picks! Every week, there will be a different and specific topic given.I will then choose 10 of my picks from that given category, create the list, and post them up here!

For this week, our topic is on our literary crushes! This one's quite fun to list. These are my all-time favorites. Swoon-worthy -- for all the right reasons. In no particular order..


1. Landon Carter - Landon Carter has got to be my #1 literary crush of all time. He used to be one of those 'bad boy' types, but when he got to know and fell in love with someone like Jamie Sullivan, he changed for the better. He became a total sweetheart -- trying his very best to do everything he can to make her happy. Not only that, but overall, he becomes a kind-hearted person, who cares about others as well. In the end, he learns the value of real happiness and life.

2. Kent McFuller - The epitome of a nice guy, at least to me. In Before I Fall, he plays such a pivotal role in Samantha Kingston's life as her 'ex-best friend.' He stuck around as he watched his own best friend turn from a simple girl to a total 'Mean Girl Barbie,' because he swears he knows her more than anyone. Despite everything, he never judges. Despite everything, he's still there, patiently waiting.

3. Guy - If you have read Willow by Julia Hoban, you'd understand exactly why he is on this list. To put it quite simply, Guy is a good person. He is kind, selfless, and caring. He is sensitive and aware of other people's feelings, and is able to look past what is visible. He is able to see things deeper. He is also incredibly genuine when it comes to his intentions.
He was always there for Willow; never left her. He was always willing to help, never judging. He comforted her, stood by her, and became her crutch in her most difficult moments. He accepted her for who she is -- and for what she does. What's not to love?

4. Tobias - Who would have thought that I would have a crush on someone with such low self-esteem? Truthfully though, that's probably one of the key reasons why he's on this list. Maybe it's because he's such a fragile and vulnerable character. I couldn't help but empathize and sympathize with him. He is so distraught with himself and his life -- and who wouldn't be when you're a half-hawk and half-human? Yet, despite all these, he is able to care for his friends and especially for Rachel. He was incredibly sincere when it comes to his feelings for Rachel. Rachel, who who was such a badass female character in the series. It was definitely upetting when ::spoiler:: she died. Tobias loved her so much that he fell into depression and seclusion when she was gone. Despite this though, he is still able to gain back his strength in the end.

5. Todd Wilkins - This is going to sound ridiculous. I honestly do not remember much about Todd. I do however, remember that I was quite young when I was first introduced to him and The Sweet Valley twins. I automatically had a crush on him back then, mainly because he was a really quiet guy. He was really nice to Elizabeth, and quite adorable, if I may say so myself. I also remember when he gave Elizabeth a heart-shaped locket when they were in 6th grade, "to express his undenying love and devotion." Yeah. Enough said. Ha ha!

6. Mr. Rochester - Despite his 'fiery' personality, he's actually sensitive and emotional at heart. He also gave Jane Eyre just the perfect amount of attention, affection, and devotion. He's just one of those people who appears quiet; one that if you don't look carefully, you'd miss the opportunity to get to know a great individual.

7. Laurie - Laurie is quite a gentleman, if I may say so myself. He is genuinely kind and caring, especially towards the March sisters. I also liked the fact that despite his riches, he never looked down on the March family's poverty.

8. Gilbert Blythe - Not only is he handsome, (Ha ha!) he's genuinely smart, kind, funny, and generous. He grew up to be sweet, compassionate, and incredibly caring towards the people he loved. Of course, I loved the fact that he teased Anne to death with his "Carrot-top" joke.. the best! I also have to give him credit; despite the countless rejections from Anne, he never gave up.

9. Calvin O'Keefe - I honestly can't think of a lot of reasons why he's a literary crush of mine. I think that, what I really liked about Calvin is his capacity to show other people care, love, and affection, despite the fact that he grew up without much of it. He is also sincere about his thoughts and feelings. What more could you want?

10. Dexter Jones - Dexter is a musician. A nerdy, geeky, and sweet musician who writes song for his love interest (in this case, her name is Remy) to cheer her up and to make her feel special. He is compassionate and caring, and accepts Remy for who she is. He sees the good in the smallest things, and appreciates everything about life. Also, despite Remy's many issues and problems, he sticks by her and never judges. He has complete faith in her, pushes her to go for her dreams.


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  5. I super agree with you about Kent McFuller. Although I felt the book was complete and perfect, I don't think a little more from Kent wouldn't hurt us. Definitely not. :P

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  7. interesting picks Jill! I only know Laurie from your list, but the others sound nice.
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  8. I've now got eleven on my list! I can't believe I forgot Spencer Martin from Scarlett Fever :)

  9. First time here and it was so much fun :D

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  14. Oh! Thanks so much for reminding me about my lover for Landon! *le sigh* I haven't read that book in ages. It may be time for a re-read and reconnect!

  15. Coming a little late to the party here, but I just discovered your blog (I LOVE the design - so pretty!) and wanted to do this list. Great meme, I'll definitely be back!

  16. Oh, Animorphs! I had the biggest crush on Marco for about, oh, 6 years?

    Lovely list, lots of books I shall have to check out!

  17. Just started doing this meme! :D Hope it's ok I made this list instead of the one assigned this week. :D

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