do you see this on your feed?

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Please comment if you see this. My feed is getting ridiculous, and Blogger has already suggested I delete the blog and start all over again.
Lessons learned:
1. Changing the URL? Big mistake :(
2. I hate hackers. Someone hacked mine. Please make sure your password is 'unguessable.'

Thank you so much for all your help.


  1. Yay I can see it!Finally, because I tried and tried and I just couldn't see your posts before.

  2. I see your posts! I'm really glad you got everything back to normal again, this site of yours has many more successful days ahead of it! :) Keep up the great work, looking forward to every one of your upcoming updates!

    - Timbooktoo

  3. I see it too, don't worry :)

  4. As of last night, I could not see it. This morning what It updated to was the Ramblings2 site you made to redirect so I changed the URL myself. Your followers will miss you and find a way!!!

  5. This popped up in my blogger side bar thingy just fine. Yeah, I've heard some icky stuff about changing urls.

  6. I see it just fine. Sorry things have been so frustrating.


  7. I see it. Hackers are a nightmare!

  8. Yup, I see it. :D All your previous posts have updated on to my feed as well, after I changed it.
    Sorry to hear about the hacker though.

  9. I see it also : ) Hope everyone works out for your blog!


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