Random Ramblings Gets A New Look

Sunday, June 13, 2010

This new look right here is created by Danny over at Twispired Blogdesign. Danny is a genius! Not only that but is incredibly patient as well; such an amazing designer! I love every layout that she has done, and this one is definitely no exception. The layout she created for me is absolutely perfect. It fits my personality, style, and taste. The crazy part is that I didn't even have to explain that much about how I wanted my layout to look in the first place. It's like she just knew. Not even kidding.
It turned out just as I imagined it -- and more. It is soft and feminine, but not overly girly. It's full of things I love; flowers, bows, and even the antique glass bottles. And of course.. the books. Stacks of them. Simply put, it's just lovely. Do you like the new look? Because I have to admit, I am in love with it. Thank you so veryyyy much, Danny!


A little update about the technical problem: The blog is 100% normal once again. As most of you know, I had trouble with my feeds, comments, and posts for the past week. I didn't know what went wrong, so I had to contact Blogger. They got back to me, and apparently, I have been hacked when I changed my URL! They sent me some vague ideas on how to fix it, and so I had to play around with the HTML -- which I know nothing about. It was such a hassle and a pain; Blogger even suggested deleting the blog and starting over. That just made me sad! After a while though, at last, I was able to get it running again. Now that everything is back to normal, things will be running smoother this time. *crosses fingers!* The purpose for this message though is really to thank you all so much for all the support and help with everything. You've all been so patient and encouraging! I greatly appreciate it. You guys really are the best, and you make me love book blogging even more. Thanks so much everyone! And again to Danny for this layout.. it's just lovely :)


  1. Your new layout is so beautiful! I love it.
    Glad to hear your blog is back in order. :D

  2. Sweetie, it was just wonderful working with you. And since I'm a follower of your blog for quite some time I think I had a feeling about your style.
    I'm glad it worked out so great!

    Enjoy your new layout and thanks for the shout out!


  3. This is so gorgeous a layout and it suits your blog perfectly :)

  4. Isn't she amazing? It's like she can crawl into your mind and see exactly what you're thinking. She did a great job!

  5. +JMJ+

    I really like your new layout, Jillian. =)

    You're lucky to have found a designer who understands your personality, style and taste, as you say. I occasionally make the rounds of design blogs/sites, hoping to find someone whose designs "speak" to me in that way, but I almost always find the samples in their portfolios too "scrapbooky" or girly for me. =(

    On the other hand, it may just be that their clients really prefer that look, while the designers themselves wouldn't mind breaking out of the box!

  6. I'm loving the new layout!She really did job well done!

  7. Aw, it's so beautiful! Loved it! I'm so glad everything is okay now. :)

  8. I love your new layout! It's so pretty and romantic!

  9. Hi I love your new layout! It's beautiful, absolutely fantastic. I awarded you here: http://scribblereviews.blogspot.com/2010/06/awards-ceremony-part-2.html

  10. Your new layout is absolutely fabulous. I love it, so much <333

  11. WOW your blog looks beautiful! Very very nice.

    I'm glad you got the feed all figured out. :)

  12. love the layout! hopefully you've got all the kinks worked out!

  13. the blog is beautiful!


  14. Stunningly perfect! I spotted those little vintage bottles immediately. I was gung ho to change my url but guess I won't now. Did the change of url make your blog susceptible to a hacker or can they hack any blog anytime? Why would they want to? Must be meanness since there is no money in the hack.

  15. Congratulations on your new look. A total make-over in a very good way. Looks professional but very pretty!!!

    Great job Mrs. Vanquish.

  16. @Adriana: Thanks so much, Adriana! I'm so glad it's back as well. :)

    @Danny: It was awesome working with you.
    I really fell in love with it right when you showed me the first draft! I think I'm going to be your new publicist because every time someone mentions they want a new design, I'll tell them to head straight over to you! Hahah <3

    @Kals: Thank you! :)

    @Donna: YES she is! Your layout was sooo awesome as well -- very unique. I swear she makes layouts and all of them are so different from each other. Oh and thank you for giving your followers the opportunity to win a design from her! It was very generous! :)

    @E: Aw thanks so much. Glad you liked it! You should definitely try Danny. If you look at her portfolio, nothing looks the same. Everything is so unique on their own. She can do everything, haha! I also believe she has the most affordable price out there.

    @Darlyn: She did! Glad you liked it! By the way, hope you like and enjoy the books that will be sent your way ;)

    @Raila: Thanks for all the help! Glad everything is okay as well. Love your new layout makeover too by the way.

    @Irena: oo0hh I would never have thought it to be 'romantic' but thank you; now that you said it, it does look like that!

    @Lady Scribbles: Thank you! I'll check it out asap.

    @Linna: Aw, thank you! And just so you know.. I am in love with your layout too.. mainly because it's pink and there's beautiful photos. <3

    @Katy: Thank you! It was a hassle to fix the feed html since I don't talk computer, haha.. but thank goodness I managed.

    @Kristi: Thanks so much, and yes, I'm happy everything's finally back to normal again.

    bclement412: Thank you!

    @Lesa: I didn't even mention those to her, but she put it there anyway! She really is good :) And yeah, I guess I learned the lesson the hard way: don't try to change the URL unless you let your followers know maybe way ahead of time. I don't recommend it though :/ And I am not entirely sure HOW my account was hacked -- even my email was as well. And I honestly don't know why they did it.. also got a nasty hate mail; probably from the same person! Ahh.. oh well. Some people are really just like that.

    @BookQuoter: Yay, thank you! Glad you liked it ;)

  17. +JMJ+

    Jillian, yes, you're right that Danny is very versatile. =) I'm not sure why I didn't see that earlier because I did browse her site. Maybe all those Robert Pattinson homage headers made me have to go wash out my eyes, and then I blocked out the rest of the memory in my trauma.

    My own header and Locus Focus button are from Parajunkee and I'd like to keep them around for a while, so I won't be asking for a whole package. But I'd consider hiring Danny to do an avatar and maybe a couple of other buttons. =)

    (The question is: Will she still be willing after I just insulted Twilight? LOL!)

  18. @Embrethiliel *giggles* well - see, I can also do other blogs, not just Blogs related to Twilight and Rob. But this is how I started, with Twilight. And I don't have a problem with people NOT liking Twilight as long as I can still love it ;-)

    Honestly, I'm open to anything and never walk back from a challenge ;-)

  19. +JMJ+

    Oh, hi! =D I'm so glad you're cool with it. I'll send you an e-mail after I figure out which of my features I'd like buttons for. Thanks!

  20. Ooh very cute and perfect for your blog!

  21. I have just found your blog, and Ilove it! I will definitely put your button on mine :)