Wake by Lisa McMann

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Genre: Young Adult
Source: Gift
Summary: Seventeen year old Janie is anything but normal. She is keeping a secret. If anyone found out, they'd think she's a freak. See; Janie can enter people's dreams. Sometimes, they're good ones, but then there are the nightmares. Either way, she doesn't like having this so-called "power." Not one bit.
Plot and Writing: I do love the premise and the storyline of this one. It is very original, and is something I havenot read about before. I also enjoyed the author's style of writing. Some may call it choppy and a bit awkward, but I have to admit, I quite liked it. I thought that it was as unique as the plot itself.
Character: I did like the main characters. However, I felt as if I still don't know much about them yet. There wasn't any sort of development yet, but this is the first book in a trilogy after all, so I'll let that small negative pass. Despite the lack of depth, I still found them likable and believable enough to make me want to pick up its sequel.
Overall: Wake is a really quick read; fairly short and fast-paced. It's the intriguing premise that ultimately captures me and my attention. Was it a good book? Yes, but not worthy of 5 stars. I give it 3 stars instead; an okay-good read. I still do think it's worth your time and worth reading, as it is interesting. It's also good enough to make me look forward for the next one.


  1. I thought Wake was an okay read. Fade was somewhat better, I still haven't gotten around to reading Gone though. It really is an interesting book and I cared for Janie and her struggles more in the second book.

  2. I loved this book, so it's too bad you didn't feel the same way. I defiantly agree that it's unique and I'm glad you're going to continue on with the series. Great review. I hope you enjoy Fade.

  3. I love this series, started Gone tonight. I think you should read Fade immediately and you will enjoy the series so much more.

  4. I really liked this one! I think Fade is even better. You get to know the characters a little bit more, so I think you'll enjoy it. Thanks for the great review :D

  5. i haven't read this series, but i think i will soon. it sounds like a great paranormal story :)

  6. Great review Jillian, I haven't read this trilogy yet but have heard good things and it's on my TBR list, so thanks for the rec!

  7. I really, really liked Wake. Haven't been able to get hold of the other books in the series though :(

  8. @Adriana: I thought it was okay too.. It was good, but wasn't amazing or anything like that. I am looking forward to reading Fade. I do like Janie!

    @Morgan: I have Fade on hold in the library, and am looking forward to reading it. I really liked Janie as the main character, so I'm hopeful about the sequel.

    @Marce: I have it on hold in the library, so I might get it in a week or so, hopefully! I'll definitely read it asap.

    @Sara: I really am interested to know what happens next as I like Janie as the main character.

    @Erika: I don't know if I can call it paranormal, but then again.. now that I think about it, I don't know what to call it at all. ;) Regardless, it's an entertaining read.

    @Katelyn: Thank you! I'd love to hear what you think of it when you get around to reading it.

    @Clover: I can definitely understand how some people really loved this book, and then there are some like me, who enjoyed it, but didn't fall in love with it. I am still a fan though. It was quite intriguing.

    @Outnumbered Mama: Goodness, I am so behind my awards-passing! But thank you so much for that :)