Blogs I Follow

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is the ever-growing list of the blogs I follow. Please feel free to check each of them out whenever you can! :)

Book Blogs

/- La Femme Readers -/
21 Pages: YA Book Reviews
A Bookworm's World
A Literary Odyssey
A Passion for Books Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook
Between the Pages Bewitched Bookworms
Book Blab
Book Chick City
Book Love Teen
Book Reviews from Inside an Igloo

Books Out of the Bookshelves
Busy Moms Who Love To Read
Cookies, Books, and Bikes
Endless Reading
Gossiping about Books
i swim with oceans
Imagination in Focus
Intetextual Chronicles
J'adore Happy Endings jehara Just One More Paragraph Kittling: Books Lily's Bookshelf
Mindful Musings
My Book Barn

my cozy book nook
Not-So-Gentle Reader
One Persons Journey through a World of Books
Opinionated? Me?
Paper Cut Reviews
Queen Bee
Ramblings of a Bibliophile
Reading Extensively
Reading For Sanity
Reading with Tequila
Ready When You Are, C.B.
Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf
Royal Reviews
Smitten with Books
Steph the Bookworm
sugar lover book reviews
Tales of Whimsy
Tea Time with Marce
The Bookette
the bookworm
The Fiction Enthusiast
The Literary Lioness
The New Dork of Reviews
The Story Siren
The Sweet Bookshelf
third-storey window
Wise Owl Book Review
YS Princess's Ideas Resources, and Reviews
~*Loves to Read*~

Other Blogs I Love and Follow (ranging from literary, educational, writing, personal, to photo-filled blogs)
a clock without hands
Hey There Jillilah
Kandee: the make-up artist
miss wallflower
Justine Dolorfino

Fashion Blogs
(all these are personal blogs, but are mostly about fashion)
Bleubird Vintage
blooming leopold
blushing ambition
liebemarlene vintage
Strawberry Koi: Vintage Style
The Clothes Horse
the snail and the cyclops
The Sunflares Plethora


  1. I follow a lot of these too! Oh lookie I'm on the list lol, thanks for listing them, you're a sweetheart!