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Monday, April 19, 2010

This is probably one of the most random posts I have -- and there's been a lot, so this must be something ;) Anyway, it's crazy blogging in the morning. I usually don't, since there's no time during the day, but today is an exception because.. well, it's my day off! I feel incredibly lucky (and excited!) since it's Monday and all and I never really get three day weekends. Even when I'm actually stuck with a lot of errands to try to accomplish today, I surprisingly kind of like it. It's a lot better than laying in bed all day -- which I did yesterday, go figure.
Later on today though, after all the errands, I plan to go to a cafe by myself, drink coffee and tea, read a book, and maybe even get some writing done. Now don't get me wrong, I looovee being around people; friends, family.. It's just that sometimes, it's also nice to treat yourself and have some alone time outside. This plan, at least to me, sounds like a dream just about now. Here's me wishing you either have a productive or relaxing day -- or hopefully maybe even both!

When I 'previewed' this before publishing, I realized how truly random and odd this post is. Ahh.. please bear with me, haha. Again though, have a great Monday -- with lots of 'you' time or reading time, hopefully? Oh, and speaking of, I'm curious, what book are you devouring these days? I'm reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare right now, about 1/4 through it. Honestly.. I still don't know what I think of it. Have you ever read this? What'd you think of it..?


  1. I have not read City of Bones, but I've heard that it was good.

    I really, really want some coffee now ... Too bad I'm stuck in my dorm building doing laundry and homework all day. =/

    Maybe I'll go out and get some later as a reward for getting everything done!

  2. I savor solitude--- it is a precious commodity.

    this post doesn't seem odd or random to me--- craving tea, coffee, reading and solitude-- perfect bookish post--- and beautiful photos, as always.

  3. +JMJ+

    Coffee and tea? You adventurous girl! ;-)

    When I lived in New Zealand and had a day to myself, I used to settle down with a book and a hot cuppa. It was wonderful! I hope you had a great day. =)

  4. This post is making me want Starbucks right now. :D Spending some along time drinking coffee and reading a book sounds fantastic!

    I'm also reading City of Bones right now and not really feeling it. There's just too much going on at once. I'm on part 2 right now... I just wanna yell at it and tell it to slow down!

  5. Hi Jillian! I also enjoy my alone time. It's the only time I can truly think. I also enjoy having company too so I'm torn,lol. And all those pictures of coffee and tea is making me want a cup. The power of pictures! lol! Enjoy your day off:)

  6. *giggles* as random as your post is, I love it!

    First I am a incredible huge Coffee addict so I enjoyed the lovely pictures you posted. *sigh* I think I go and get the third coffee for today!

    I was on holidays last week and I had so much time to read and I also read City of Bones! I have to tell you I'm extremely excited about those books!

    I was also confused in the beginning about this whole new world and struggled hard with the book, but then ...WooOOHoOo!!!! The just get awesome and I really really Love those books, like a LOT!

    Those books are just a roller coaster of feelings, and like Adriana I sometimes just wanted to yell at them for being so stupid and mean but I really REALLY love them.

    So I'm excited to hear what you think!

  7. @Emily: Oh dear. Laundry + Homework?? Those are probably one of the worst combinations for me! Did you get to go out and get some coffee at the end of the day though?

    @Lesa: Next time someone tells me I'm being lame for wanting to spend time alone outside, I will reply to them with what you said, in a very calm manner, "I savor solitude -- it is a precious commodity." I will! It will sum up everything, and it will stop them from talking&bothering me. LOL.

    @E: Adventurous indeed since I had coffee and an hour later had iced tea ;) haha!
    And thank you, hope you had a great day and a great weekend ahead!

    @Adriana: FYI, I am in love with your new background! :) I actually stopped reading City of Bones already, and decided to go to another book. Maybe I'll pick it up again some other time when I'm ready for it.. Can't wait to hear what you think about it though! Maybe that will be my deciding factor! LOL!

    @Paper Cut Reviewer: Yes, alone time outside gives me the time to think peacefully. Like Lesa said, solitude is such a serene and precious thing. But like you, I would also go crazy if I was always alone and never had company! Well, who says we can't have both?? ;) And thank you hope you had a great day as well!

    @Mrs. Vanquish: Thank you! Haha. I am also a huge coffee/tea addict. Sometimes, when I'm at a cafe I really need to figure out what I'm more in the mood for before I actually pick, haha.
    And glad to hear you liked The City of Bones. Maybe I'll try it out again soon, but for now, I passed and picked another read. I'm definitely going to review it though, as soon as I finish it!