hop, hop, hop!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome to my blog! If you came here from the hop over at Crazy-for-Books, thanks for visiting! I'd love to check your blog out as well, so please leave your link here if you can :) I try to check out as many book blogs as I can from the hop, but of course, it's almost impossible to do this as there are so many wonderful ones!
By the way, I still have a contest going on, and you check it out over here if you'd like! Thanks everyone, and happy friday :)


  1. Thank goodness for the Hop. I've found so many cool blogs that way, including your's!

    My blog is www.primoreads.com - it's fairly new and I'm still learning.

  2. Found you on The Hop and wanted to visit!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. Hi! I found you through the hop! I'm a new follower now! Looking forward to reading your posts!


  4. Hi!! I'm stopping by from the book blogger hop!! Love the colors of your blog!!