a little history on novels that started my book addiction..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Growing up, I was lucky enough to have had parents that supported my love for reading. Though I can not pinpoint the exact age I was when I first started becoming a bookworm, I know for a fact that I was very young then -- around six or so. I still remember the times when my grandparents would take me, my siblings, and my cousins to the bookstore, telling us that we could pick any book we wanted. This happened once or twice a month, and every time, it felt like Christmas.

I am reminded of these fond memories and books while I was at work last week, organizing the shelves in the small library. I saw a couple of classic children's books that I used to love, but what really caught my attention the most were the chapter books. These were the ones that challenged me when I was younger and were the ones that made me feel like a real "grown-up." After all, these were my first real "grown-up" books. Here were just five of my favorites:

What were your favorite books when you were growing up?


  1. I was a complete Sweet Valley girl with the Baby Sitter’s Little Sister books and my cousin’s hand-me-down Baby Sitter’s Club books. I read a lot of the Boxcar Children books too and the Bailey School Kids books. I LOVED them!

  2. I'm a "little" older, so my first friend was Pippi Longstocking and Ramona Quimby. Later tho my love of mysteries started with Nancy Drew as well. I collected the entire collection of the yellow bound editions, and have a several with the dust jackets.

  3. I loved the Baby Sitter Little Sister books and the Boxcar children! When I was about 5, my parents found complete sets of both series at a garage sale for $5 and got them for me. I probably spent an entire year reading nothing but those two series!

    I also liked the Bailey School Kids and the A to Z mysteries, as well as some stand alone books like The Dollhouse Murders and The Castle in the Attic.

    Honestly, though, for me, my reading addiction started with Dr. Seuss, which is entirely my mother's fault for insisting on reading to her stomach before I was born and continuing the tradition until I learned to read.

  4. Hehehe...these must be a 90s thing. I loved them too!

  5. +JMJ+

    Oh, man! I was a Sweet Valley junkie, through and through! =D

    I also collected Goosebumps books, but bad girl that I was (Ha!), I preferred R.L. Stine's "older" Horror novels--the kind sold side by side with Christopher Pike's! And I liked Pike better than him! =P

    I remember when I first discovered "single titles" and the worlds of wonder they contained. My first "real" novel was From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsberg. I had always loved reading, but until that book, I hadn't known reading could be so good!

    But there is much to be said for these kinds of series. I started reading The Baby-sitters Club just this year, for the fun of it, and will get started on The Animorphs soon. =)

  6. Oh, I am older too but most of my early faves were published many many many decades before I read them. ;o)

    I'm going all the way back to 2nd-4th grade for these chapter books that started me on the road to bookwormdom.
    1. Little House books
    2. Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series
    3. Bobbsey Twins series
    4. Henry Huggins series
    5. Pippi Longstocking
    6. Strawberry Girl (all Lois Lenski)
    7. Three Investigators Mysteries

    Jillian, this could be a future top ten picks topic-- bookworms love to reminisce beloved books.

  7. Sorry everyone for the super late reply!

    @-k: Sweet Valley was definitely one of my favorites, but I didn't start until later. I read that along with the 'grown-up' version of The Baby Sitters Club. I haven't read the Bailey School Kids books. Now I kinda wish I did.. sounds really good!

    @Kim: Oo0hh I love those yellow bound editions. Actually, until now, everytime I see them in bookstores, I feel like buying each and everyone of them!

    @Emily: Gosh I remember those days when my parents would buy me books and keep me reading because it helped me out with grammar and such. Now they never buy me books anymore because I have too much already, lol!
    I also loved The Dollhouse Murders -- the title itself made me feel all grown-up, haha.
    But I definitely agree with Dr. Seuss.. my favorite is still Are you my mother? for some reason..

    @Natalie: Haha, yeah most likely! My sister, who is four years older than me, read the same things as well.

    @E: Sweet Valley was the next level of 'grown-up' books for me, haha =D
    My first real novel was The Secret Garden. And maybe that is why it is my favorite until now.
    And you know, it sounds like a great idea to re-read these wonderful books and series. I might actually start doing that again. I wonder how I'll think and feel about it..
    Sounds like a great review idea to me ;)

    @Lesa: ooo0hh Pippi Longstocking. I do remember, although I probably didn't read it as much, to be honest. Those all sound really intereesting though -- especially the Mrs. Piggle Wiggle series!
    Thanks for the Top Ten Picks idea as well!