The Last Song: movie review

Monday, April 12, 2010

This is a review for the movie adaptation. It has no spoilers. If you're interested, my review for the book can be found over here.

A story about Family.
First loves. Second chances.
and the Moments in Life
That Lead You Back Home.

If you are going to watch this movie, you have to look past the fact that it's Miley Cyrus playing a very dramatic role. Once you've successfully done that -- which believe me, I have tried over and over again -- then you can finally enjoy the movie.
Now please don't think I am simply hating on Miley Cyrus, because I'm really not. I watched this with a very open-mind. I have to admit, she was effective when the scene called her to be funny, happy, and giddy. But when it came down to the dramatic scenes -- when she was crying, moping, angry, or just deep in thought -- I'm afraid she just did not deliver very well. Fortunately, the rest of the cast did.
Greg Kinnear, who took the role as the father of Miley Cyrus' character, Ronnie, delivered, as expected. The supporting role of Ronnie's brother, played by Bobby Coleman (Martian Child, anyone?) was also effective. His acting did not seem forced in any way whatsoever, which I think is an amazing achievement for his age. Liam Hemsworth played the character of Ronnie's love interest, and I have to admit, I found him extremely likable. There are four reasons: 1) He's good-looking 2) He has a certain charm to him that captures the audience quite easily 3) He can act, and 4) He's not annoying.
As for the plot itself, it's the usual 'Nicholas Sparks' emotional tear-jerker. It is nowhere close as The Notebook or even A Walk to Remember. In fact, the plot and story line has been done many times before. There were also the usual cliche lines and dialogues. In a way though, I actually didn't mind because like I said, I thought the other actors delivered it well enough. As for Cyrus, well -- again I'm really not just hating! -- let's just say I was literally cringing whenever I heard her say a corny line.
Overall though, this movie is 'okay-good.' It is absolutely not a great movie. However, it does have the ability to make you laugh, smile, and maybe even cry. You might even remember and reminisce about your first love -- and loss. Because of these, I will be generous and give it 3/5 -- I liked it, but it's not like "I really liked it." I also do recommend it, but definitely only to certain audiences. Also, the truth is, personally, I really think it's only DVD worthy. If you are going to see it, please try to watch with an open mind as well. Look past Miley Cyrus, and you might actually enjoy it. Sorry, no offense.


  1. I'm pretty much indifferent to Miley Cyrus, but this has been done so many times by Sparks that I feel I know the whole story by just watching the previews. Thanks for your review! I don't I'll be watching this one though.

  2. I haven't seen this movie and agree with you part of the reason that being Miley. The other reason is our book club is trying to decide between reading this summer, Dear John or the Last Song--and then we will watch the movie instead of a discussion. Any comment? (queen bee)

  3. @adriana: i agree with you with your comment about Nicholas Sparks. A lot of people seem to like him for the very same reason that we don't though. And you're welcome :) If you think you're not going to like this movie, chances are you really won't.

    @kim: I read both books, and actually liked The Last Song better, book-wise.
    Now as for the movie, I think they're both okay. However, the lead actors playing in Dear John might be a little bit better when it comes to acting and portraying their roles..
    I'm curious to find out which one your book club will choose!

  4. Sooo... I admit. I like Miley Cyrus. Not obsessive, but... I like her. I don't know.
    Anyways. Miley was definitly the fallback. This was the first Sparks book I read, and the book is amazing.
    The movie, though.... Hmmm... Miley Cyrus was not the best choice. She needs to mature more. Way more. The time you become famous is the time you stop aging. She came to fame really young. She needs to step out of the spotlight and mature.
    Everything else was good. That's all i have to say.

  5. Hi Anne, yes I did like the movie like you did. I also thought that everything else was good except for Miley Cyrus playing the main character.
    She just didn't work to play a dramatic role. That is an interesting and true point though what you said about 'the time you become famous is the time you stop aging.."

  6. Haha I'm also trying to overlook Cyrus when thinking about watching it.But I'm glad it was good otherwise!