Today's Inspiration: Spring!

Friday, April 9, 2010

It has been Spring for a few weeks now, and you might have been one of the lucky ones that has been experiencing good Spring-like weather. Here in California though, the weather has been bipolar. As usual.
Thankfully, the last couple of days have been 'warmer' (note: not that much just yet) but at least it's something. So for this photo-filled post -- yet again -- I will show just some beautiful images. These pictures automatically made me think of gardens, pretty flowers, floral dresses, sunglasses, iced tea, lemonade, picnics, wide open fields, and more beautiful Spring-y things.

Wishing you a happy
and allergy-free season..
And a grrrreeeaatt weekend!


  1. Oh how pretty. I want to be in those pictures but instead I have to go to work. :(

  2. +JMJ+

    I love the jugs of juice! =D

  3. Oh wow. How pretty! I want to be at that table!

  4. *sigh* lovely dreamy pictures! But nope, no allergy free season for me... the pollen are already flying around here in Germany at least!

    Have wonderful weekend!

  5. Glorious! I loved those jugs, too (but thought they were tea, oh well.). Happy weekend, happy spring!

  6. @E and @ds: My guess is only as good as yours, but.... I think the jugs have [fromlefttoright]: lemonade, iced tea, orange juice, and a mojito! haha!
    And thanks and happy weekend to you too.

    @LifeAfterJane: I'm sorry to hear that. Let's hope you have the weekend off? :)

    @Juju: Me too, loved the table setting. I couldn't resist posting it.

    @Mrs. Vanquish: That's horrible. I love Spring, but I do hate allergy season! Well, I can only wish you feel better!

  7. +JMJ+

    DS, I think I went with "juice" because of the alliterative effect when I finally wrote "jugs of juice." =P

    But, yes, they could be tea!

    For the alliteration: tanks of tea! =D

  8. Those are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  9. @E: jugs of juice & tanks of tea does actually have a ring to it. hmm..