Wannabe Writers (1)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I just discovered this wonderful meme, so this will be my first time participating. I'll be looking forward for next week's topic/questions.
Wannabe Writers
is a meme by Sarah @ Confessions of the Un-Published. It's a place where writers can ask questions, share stories, and get feedback. Click to find more about how it works here.

Where I am in the writing process:
Beginning. Mostly though, I am still outlining. How I wish I could sit down and write for hours, but unfortunately, this week is not allowing me. I can't wait for Saturday, when I usually have the whole day to myself and can focus more on getting things done.

My current problems:
No big problems for now, but I guess the main one as of this week is actually finding the time to write. I know I have to and want to make time, as there is no other way, but like I said, it's a bit of a struggle. My other problem is trying to form the main character. I don't know the answers to these questions just yet; Who is this person? What is she like? What is she all about? Or maybe it's a he..? I am still on the 'deciding stage' and though I am nervous about this, I am also feeling very optimistic and excited as well.

Sarah's questions this week:
"Character descriptions. How do you describe a characters appearance? And how do you work it into a story without making it sound fake? How much is too much? Why can't I just say "she had blue eyes blond hair" the end? And where do you work it into a story? When your MC (main character) first meets said character? And where do you work this in for your MC? And do you even need to work this in for your MC?"

The best advice I have heard regarding this is the old saying, "Show, don't tell." I feel as though a whole chapter describing how the character looks is unnecessary. I don't want a story -- whether I'm reading or writing -- that has an entire paragraph dedicated to an About Me: What I Look Like segment. I feel as if there is a way to let the readers "see" who this character is and what he/she looks like, without going overboard with the details.
However, I don't want to sound like a hypocrite here, because believe me, I have trouble in this area as well. My main problem would definitely be consistency.
All I know though, is that I try to be as subtle as I can, by offering the reader/audience more than just basic information. Ultimately, what I aim for is for me to be able to let them see for themselves, and for them to create their own images.


  1. this is a GREAT POST!! I have been toying with a few ideas for awhile, but I'm stuck in the whole "how do I write a friken book!!" I'm so lost. It seems so overwhelming and scary. I think I'll just have to commit time to it

  2. Sorry its taken me so long to get to your post. I've been in avoidance mode lately with my writing (and blogging about writting). Anyway. Starting out is the toughest! The very first I'm quit like 2 weeks later. Then after 5 months I tried it again. In the beginning I had like 3 stories going b/c I couldn't really decided what to write about. I guess right now I have about 3 going too...so not much has changed.

    My best advice for your first MC...model her after you. That's the easiest in the beginning. Or model her after a favorite MC from another book. I'm shy and although I'd love to write a very outgoing type...I just can't really (not at this point).

    I hope some of that rambling helps...And thanks for joining in!

  3. @Sarah(BooksInsideanIgloo): Thanks, Sarah! I really love the meme. I find it very encouraging. And about what you said about beginning, I agree it's very difficult. Also, I know it's definitely easier said than done but.. the only way to really start a book is to begin writing. Good luck with everything :)

    @Sarah: Oh gosh, yes, I find it difficult to figure out, "What is this book about in the first plalce anyway?" Sometimes I just have too many ideas all at once that I can't just put an exact story down on paper. So far though, I think I got through that.

    As for the MC modeling after me, that is a bit of what I did. I just tweak her, as I don't want her to be a replica of me and all, and I just keep editing her along the way. I find also that as I write, the MC takes her own shape and becomes her own person. It's really interesting how that works.