Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Genre: Young Adult
Synopsis: Carlos Fuentes is back from Mexico to live with his brother, Alex. But when Carlos doesn't want to settle with the rules and things go unplanned, he is forced to live with one of Alex's college professors -- or else he'll get in even more trouble. The problem is, he doesn't only have to deal with living with new people and trying to fit in the new lifestyle everyone wants him to lead. He also has to deal with the professor's daughter, Kiara, who's unlike any other girl he's met. Together, what they learn is probably what not only Carlos himself needs in his life right now, but what Kiara needs the most as well. That is, if they ever figure out how to even be in one room together without biting each other's head off.

Plot: 4 stars
I said it before on my review for Perfect Chemistry, that this is almost similar to if you combine West Side Story and Romeo and Juliet together. Bad boy meets good girl -- learns there's more to each other than what they initially think. I've also said it before, that I believe the author, Simone Elkeles, truly has the rare capacity to take a seemingly overdone plot line and make it incredibly original and addicting!

Characters: 4 stars
Carlos and Kiara simply works together. They're irresistable, and believable as a couple, fighting with their different, and sometimes clashing, personalities. I do think they lacked a little in the transition department -- from acquaintances to friends, and from friends to liking each other -- but still liked them both nonetheless.

Cons: *very, very minor spoilers. in fact, they might not even be spoilers at all*
While clearly I am in love with pretty much everything about this book, I have to admit, it does have a fairy tale and soap opera-ish feel to it. The "I love you forever and ever and always, I want to be with you for all eternity" kind of melodrama. Don't get me wrong, I loved it nonetheless, and I personally don't really mind this minor aspect. I think it's a nice break to have to let ourselves indulge into reading about ideal relationships and happy endings. But I'm just saying. Others might not like it as much as I did.

Overall: 4 stars!
I liked this one a lot. Not as much as I loved Perfect Chemistry, as I still do favor Alex and Britanny, but I am definitely a fan. It was entertaining, fun, cute, romantic, exciting, and just plain addicting. Could not and did not want to put it down. I highly recommend the series overall.


  1. I know what you mean about the melodrama with their love :) Still, i can handle that because for some reason her books are so addictive!

    great review :)

  2. Nomes, I can handle it too. I don't mind a good melodramatic soap opera once in a while.. :D And Simone Elkeles is one author that has not done anything wrong for me yet! I read 3 of her books already :)

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