Charity Event News: Very important!

Monday, August 30, 2010

1. The event has been successful, and it's still continuing to work out so well. With $190 (so far!!) we're just so ecstatic here to see that so many of you have been supportive with this. Honestly, we didn't realize how fast the month of August was going to go, but now that it's almost September, the three of us agreed and decided, "Why stop now?" So yes, we are officially extending the Charity event until October 31st!

2. If you helped us spread the word, you can now have a chance of winning a prize as well :D We are extremely grateful for those that tweeted, wrote a blog post about this event, and those who put our badges on their sidebars.. so just to thank you, ONE "word-spreader" will be entered into the giveaway. So if you are one of these cool people, and you want to be entered in the giveaway, please, please fill out this form right here!

3. We had 6 possible winners before, but since we added one "word-spreader" winner, we officially have 7 possible winners so far :) We might add some more later on.

4. Updated Prizes: 16 books, 50+ signed swag, $40 CSN gift certificate, and more are still to come!


We are so very excited about the extension, and can't wait for September and October. Oh, and look, First Book on Twitter even tweeted about the event! :D
Some have also been asking how it is to be hosting this, and yes it sure is a LOT of work, but it's also very fun to do and organize. Plus, seeing the book blog community getting together for a great cause, and knowing that we're all helping those in need -- which were the main reasons why we're doing this in the first place -- makes everything so worth it. I hope you continue to support it, and if you'd like to any contact us, you can reach us through our email: Till the next update! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Jillian, Raila, Linna


  1. Congrats!!! this is awesome and I'm happy this is such an success! I hope you get much more.

  2. Danny, thank you! We still have your tweets so no worries <3

  3. Congrats on raising so much so far! I donated yesterday and blogged about it too. Also put the badge in my sidebar.

    I couldn't get Linna's blog to open-- does she still have a blog?

  4. Yes, but it's down for server maintenance often, especially this week. Sorry! It's a huge pain...

  5. Lesa - yes, thank you so much for that!