Top Ten Picks: Favorite Book Quotes

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I know.. no Top Ten Picks for two weeks! It sucked, and I really missed doing it, hearing from you, and reading your own lists as well. Unfortunately, a rather ugly week of feeling very sick mixed in with extra side orders of fatigue and nausea kept me from writing my usual blog posts. Well, I'm happy to say that everything around here's functioning a bit better, so I'm quite excited for this week.

For this week, I decided to go for my top 10 favorite quotes from books, authors, and writers. This was easy for me to do, because I'm used to writing down random quotes and lines that I end up loving. So in no particular order whatsoever, here are my picks!


1. "There is something about words. In expert hands, manipulated deftly, they take you prisoner. Wind themselves around your limbs like spider silk, and when you are so enthralled you cannot move, they pierce your skin, enter your blood, numb your thoughts. Inside you they work their magic." - The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

2. "I never read without making sure I am in a secure position. I have been like this ever since the age of seven when, sitting on a high wall and reading The Water Babies, I was so seduced by the descriptions of underwater life that I unconsciously relaxed my muscles. Instead of being held buoyant by the water that so vividly surrounded me in my mind, I plummeted to the ground and knocked myself out. I can still feel the scar under my fringe now. Reading can be dangerous." - The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

3. "Maybe you can afford to wait. Maybe for you there's a tomorrow. Maybe for you there's one thousand tomorrows, or three thousand, or ten, so much time you can bathe in it, roll around it, let it slide like coins through your fingers. So much time you can waste it. But for some of us there's only today. And the truth is, you never really know." - Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

4. "I want to tell you again, I love you. Our love has been the thread through the labyrinth, the net under the high-wire walker, the only real thing in this strange life of mine that I could ever trust. Tonight I feel that my love for you has more density in this world than I do, myself: as though it could linger on after me and surround you, keep you, hold you." - The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

5. "Ruins stood for what was lost, and yet there were beautiful-peaceful, historic, intellectual. Not tragic or regrettable. Lena tried to keep hers that way too, and she succeeded to some extent. Why not celebrate what you had rather than spend your time mourning its passing? There could be joy in things that ended." - The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

6. "We do not grow absolutely, chronologically. We grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. We grow partially. We are relative. We are mature in one realm, childish in another. The past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. We are made up of layers, cells, constellations." - Anais Nin

7. "Every book, every volume you see, has a soul. The soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and lived and dreamed with it. Every time a book changes hands, every time someone runs his eyes down its pages, its spirit grows and strengthens." - The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

8. "What about little microphones? What if everyone swallowed them, and they played the sounds of our hearts through little speakers, which could be in the pouches of our overalls? When you skateboarded down the street at night you could hear everyone's heartbeat, and they could hear yours, sort of like sonar. One weird thing is, I wonder if everyone's hearts would start to beat at the same time, like how women who live together have their menstrual periods at the same time, which I know about, but don't really want to know about. That would be so weird, except that the place in the hospital where babies are born would sound like a crystal chandelier in a houseboat, because the babies wouldn't have had time to match up their heartbeats yet. And at the finish line at the end of the New York City Marathon it would sound like war." - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer

9. "I wanted to tell the book thief many things, about beauty and brutality. But what could I tell her about those things that she didn't already know? I wanted to explain that I am constantly overestimating and underestimating the human-race that rarely do I ever simply estimate it. I wanted to ask her how the same things could be so ugly and so glorious, and its words and stories so damning and brilliant." - The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

10. "We're not wheat, we're buckwheat. When a storm comes along it flattens ripe wheat because it's dry and can't bend with the wind. But ripe buckwheat's got sap in it and it bends. And when the wind has passed, it springs up almost as straight and strong as before. We aren't a stiff-necked tribe. We're mighty limber when a hard wind's blowing, because we know it pays to be limber. When trouble comes we bow to the inevitable without any mouthing, and we work and we smile and we bide our time. And we play along with the lesser folks and we take what we can get from them. And when we're strong enough, we kick the folks whose necks we've climbed over. That, my child, is the secret of the survival." - Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell

And I'll add an extra one.. not from a book, but from a TV show!

At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing, where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, is usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to ostick close by. No matter how much we hurt them, the people that are still with you at the end of the day - those are the ones worth keeping. And sure, sometimes close can be too close. But sometimes, that invasion of personal space, it can be exactly what you need. - Grey's Anatomy


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  1. Great quotes! I have the Book Thief ones, The Thirteenth Tale one, EL&IC, & The Time Traveler's Wife in my little journal of quotes that I love! Such good ones! I still need to read GWTW!

  2. This was really fun! Here is my top ten:

  3. @Jamie: I think I might do a toptentuesday post tomorrow for my favorite blogs!

    @Steph: Thanks, Steph! Glad to have you with us this week. Please put your link on the Mr. Linky whenever you can :)

    @Darlyn: Thanks :)

  4. Thanks for the shout-out Jillian. But you know this IS the hardest top ten for me to list:)

  5. I have a hard time picking just ten (I have hundreds....). Great post idea!

  6. Had a great time picking out my quotes, so yet again, thank you for doing this great meme!

  7. Great quotes!

    Also, I am glad to hear that you are feeling better! It's no fun not feeling well! *hugs*

  8. I love the Jonathan Safran Foer quote. I haven't read that before actually but it sounds good to me. I missed top10 picks too!

  9. The GWTW is the only one I know on your list-- Haven't read the other books. My list is up-- been a long time since I've participated-- only due to time issues-- I always enjoy this meme.

  10. BookQuoter - Haha. I got the idea for the topic because of your blog!

    Bev Hankins - It is a difficult thing to choose!

    Kelly - Yay! Thanks for joining yet again, Kelly! :)

    Holly - I know, it's no fun at all. Glad you're feeling better too and we miss you over here at top ten picks ;)

    May - JSF is a wonderful writer, and 2 weeks without Top Ten Picks got me feeling guilty, for sure! lol

    Lesa - You should read The Book Thief, just because it's a favorite of mine ;) Haha. And we sure missed you over here!

  11. Great quotes! Unfortunately, my memory's so bad that I can't think of any favourite book quotes, even if I did feel inclined to track them all down. So I probably won't be doing this meme this week. I'm enjoying reading everyone else's favourites, though!

  12. You picked some wonderful quotes. I just put mine up today. It was too good of a question to resist.