Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Genre: Young Adult - Dystopian
Synopsis: No synopsis for this one. This is the final installment in the Hunger Games trilogy.

Rating: 3 stars

Review: This review is going to be short and simple. Did I like it? Yes. It was a good read. Overall, I liked how Suzanne Collins tied up everything. Her writing -- as well as the suspense, excitement, and originality -- that comes with this series, were all there, as expected. I thought it was fast-paced, action packed, and very exciting. So why just 3 stars, and not 5? To me, it was just lacking a bit. Something was definitely missing. In the end, I felt completely underwhelmed. I wanted more. There were things I couldn't understand. Despite this, I still highly recommend this series overall, but I do realize now, it's definitely not for everyone.

SPOILERS BELOW: Please highlight to read it. If you would like to agree, disagree, comment using the #s I used.
1. I expected her to end up with Peeta, but I was sort of hoping she didn't have to end up with either of them. She could just keep both as her best friends. Clearly, they all need each other. Gah.
2. Poor Gale. I'm sorry, but I just didn't like his ending at all.
3. Katniss voting yes to another Hunger Games.. okay, seriously??
4. Snow's death = anticlimatic much?

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  1. 2.) Yes I totally felt the same it made me sad!
    3.) I still don't get the reasons behind this!!

    Overall I think it was a great ending for this series, it had to end like this although I would have loved to see a few thing differently I still thing she wrote a perfect last book.

  2. 3) I'm pretty sure it was a foil to get Coin to think she was on side when all it really did was confirm what President Snow said - and she used the illusion of saying yes to end up being given power to do what she did to Coin.

    if she had protested then, she may have created a divide and not had the same opportunity - or been able to take Coin by surprise. (Theory derived from discussions with others)

    2) I know! I <3 him even more after Mockingjay - i dont know why, but his treatment really had me feeling for him.

  3. Owh...I finished The Hunger Games last week, and looking forward for Catching Fire. Reading your review make me think that, this final installment of the series is just the same as the first book. Thanks for you review Jill, I think I will finish this series after all since I started it already. Right? Well, If you want to read my review on The Hunger Game, here's the link. =)

  4. I agree that it was not as fast paced as the previous two HG books. This book kept me up at night, not reading but thinking about long term effects of war on civilians, soldiers,country and families. Collins did a very good job at this - I feel like a good book is one that keeps you thinking about it after you finished it.
    you can read my review here:

  5. I actually liked the anticlimactic end, thought Gale did exactly what his character was set to do, and loved the ending despite being firmly Team Katniss prior to this... Mockingjay ended up being one of my favorites, with the first book. I hated Catching Fire, though.

  6. I gave this book a 3 also but certainly overall enjoyed the saga. Kinda bittersweet that it's over. :(

  7. Overall, I enjoyed the book as well. But my review ended up touching on a lot of my negative thoughts towards the book. I thought the ending was super rushed and the whole Peeta situation was just gut-wrenching.

    I really enjoy reading everyone else's opinions!

  8. Haven't read this yet, might get a copy when I go to the bookstore this week.

  9. I need to read this series! Everybody keeps talking about them. ;)

  10. Danny - What was the point of being a rebel if she was going to vote yes anyway right? LOL. But yes, I thought it was a good conclusion.

    Nomes - I thought that too, but I guess it was just weird that they didn't really touch up on it very much.

    cj - Haha, yes you should at least finish it.

    kjovus - will read your review too :)

    Amanda - Catching Fire was okay, it was more like a 'bridge.' Overall, I liked Mockingjay.. I guess I just didn't like some aspects of it. Glad you did though! :)

    Jinky - Yeah, bittersweet to think that's it and we won't be reading about them ever again!

    Tara - It did feel rushed to me as well. Like you, overall, I liked it. But I feel like it could have been so much better. I get that it was supposed to be very dark, but still.. the whole Peeta and Gale situation was too painful to read!

    Jenny N - Looking forward to your review!

    Nina - I do recommend them :)

  11. This was such a 50-50 for people it seems. I loved this last installment while my very good friend felt similarly to how you do. I aggree with the reasoning Nomes gave for #3, it was sort of a ploy to determine the truth. Also I think if she hadn't have done what she did, she would have again become a target.

  12. Outnumbered Mama - I felt 50-50 about it too. I liked it overall, but just felt slightly underwhelmed. I guess it just felt a little rushed to me personally. Glad you liked it more than I did though!

  13. I pretty much agree with you here. I felt Gale got swept away. There was no mourning for Finnick. President Snow's death was a cop-out. Overall, underwhelming, just like you said. :(