The Amber Spyglass

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This is the final book of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. As I have mentioned in The Subtle Knife review, nobody can deny that Pullman has such a huge talent in capturing a reader’s attention through his engaging characters and the very intriguing and interesting plot. I would definitely recommend this series to others.

Having said that, I think I should mention it that though this was meant to be a work of fiction; subversive literature, there are definitely hidden agendas and meanings here and there about Christianity and the like. But before you think, C.S. Lewis, I’ll say now that Philip Pullman is actually quite the opposite. Though both writers are extremely talented, they have such different hidden meanings and agendas.

Truthfully though, even if there is so much controversy to this trilogy, I really didn’t mind. Why? Because it was a good story. It was exciting, strange, and unique. I loved the characters of Will and Lyra most especially. Although there are some loose ends and less than satisfactory conclusions, I still consider it ONE of the great fantasy books around. That seemed to be enough for me.

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