Sunday, January 10, 2010

Three women spends their summer together in Nantucket, to get away from “the real world” and forget about the problems that only seem to be catching up to them. There is the main protagonist, Vicki, who has lung cancer, with two very young children. Her sister, Brenda, is there to help her but she also has a problem of her own. She has just been fired from her teaching job at a university for dating her student. And then there is Vicki’s friend, Melanie, who is pregnant with her husband who cheated on her.

The plot is simple; three women getting away for the summer and trying to recover from their struggles.

If you look at the front cover, you would think it’s just some disposable beach read. And yes, you’re right about the latter. But it is definitely not disposable. I was pleasantly surprised that I was engrossed with the book and the characters. They seem almost real to me. The author is very articulate and takes her time for the reader to get to know each of the characters well, and obviously that technique worked. I especially liked the character of Josh. He was vulnerable and young, and weak and confused. I liked his story line.

The story is heart warming, and like I said, the characters are well worth giving this novel a try.

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