Getting the Girl

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Summary: Getting the Girl centers around the life of Cameron Wolfe and his desire to get a girl. Not just any girl, but “the” girl.

Review: Reading that summary, it might seem like this novel is just a shallow story about a boy wanting a girl, for his sake. But that’s not at all what this book is. It is about getting the girl, but not at all in any malicious way. Narrated by Cameron Wolfe himself, he talks about his coming of age story, when he doesn’t only grow up to be the person he wants to be, but to be someone he never knew he could be.

I have to note that because Marcus Zusak is the author, it is somehow already expected that it will have good writing. And it does, the same way his other book, The Book Thief, has. This also has the same poetic style, with just the perfect balance of everything. At times it was funny and heartbreaking. But in the end, though unclear or ambiguous, was truly inspiring.

I recommend this, mostly to young adults. But really, anyone who appreciates a good, simple story with great writing should pick this one up and try it out.

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