The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Iris Lockhart is modern, stylish, careless, and pretty much oblivious about the things that goes on around her. Esme Lennox is just being released from the psychiatric hospital after a 60-year disappearance. Iris finds out that she has been granted by the power of attorney to take care of her aunt, Esme. Throughout several days of spending time together, Iris learns about Esme’s life, her dark reason for her disappearance, gets the chance to rediscover herself and her identity, and uncover their family history and secrets.

I liked it. Iris and Esme are great characters, but I really liked Esme. She was weird and unsure and a major lunatic……… or maybe not. Maybe she’s just misunderstood, or confused. You wouldn’t know, and that’s part of what makes Esme an exciting character. There is so much mysteriousness about this book, and the author sure won’t let you figure it all out until the very end. I was a little surprised even though I expected it as well. I know that sounds weird, but that’s how I felt. :)

There are three narratives; the present by Iris. Past by Esme. And another fragment of the past by Kitty, Iris’ other Aunt, who is Esme’s sister. She talks about her memories, but it jumps all over the place because she has Alzheimer’s. It was actually interesting and I wanted to read and read and read and finally figure it all out. Sometimes, it got confusing, but I liked the story and the characters that I kept going.

I liked it. Highly recommended, very fast read. And yup, good ending.:)

I love Maggie O’ Farrell’s books. She’s awesome.

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