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Sunday, January 10, 2010

This book is about reality TV show star Jane Roberts. It focuses on the life in LA; parties, cute boys, everything. It sure sounds like a semi autobiographical by the author, The Hills’ very own Lauren Conrad.

First of all, I used to watch The Hills. I do like Lauren, and like the fact that she does not try so hard to be somebody else just to fit in. But when I heard she was writing a book, of course, I was skeptical. After having followed her on The Hills, I have never heard of her aspiring to be a writer. I did give her the benefit of the doubt though, and borrowed this from the library.

First off, there are good points. It is very straight-forward, almost as if a friend is just having a conversation with you. It is quite interesting, if you like reality TV shows. And if you are a fan of The Hills, then you will enjoy this even more.

However.. and there are a lot of howevers, the topic has been done too many times before; A girl who moves out, goes to a different city, and moves in with a close friend, experiencing new and exciting things. Also, not only is the writing pedantic, it also quite confusing. The resolution was not done well, if the ending of the book was even a resolution.

I would never think of purchasing this book, probably will never read it again, and most likely won’t recommend it at all. But it was a fun way to pass time. Light, but can be engaging if you try to get into it. If you are going to read this, try to take it for what it is.

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