Sunday, January 10, 2010

Being a big fan of Tess Gerritsen’s medical thrillers, I asked several people who they think the best medical thriller author is, and everyone seems to be repeating Robin Cook’s name. So off I went to the library to borrow one of his books; Coma. This is actually his first book and it is old, written around the 70’s if I’m not mistaken. It was also made into a movie starring Michael Douglas.

I’m very indifferent about this one. I like the genre, and I like the style. I think Robin Cook is obviously very knowledgeable and credible. His writing is pretty good too, plus he’s written so many until this date that I thought okay, this should be really good. I have to admit it kept me up late at night because I like the story. It was very exciting. I really like the characters, the plot, action, writing, etc…..

Except for the ending. It failed, in my opinion. ::SPOILER:: What happened to the main character, whatever her name is. I can’t even remember anymore because of how much I hated the ending. It was too ambiguous, too unclear. It seems as if the author wants us to figure the ending out for ourselves. But I believe that based on what I read, I assume he wrote her off. In other words, she did die. I keep thinking to myself, she worked so hard to figure out the medical mystery, being the heroine and everything, fighting for “what is right,” only to become a victim in the end after all. Wow. So much for heroines and well-deserved happy endings. I mean, come on. Why did the author have to build the character up so much? I found myself rooting for her, because 1) She was correct about everything that was going on 2) She was a woman (biased, I know) and she was discriminated the entire time!

And she dies.

Now that I think of it, although it’s a good story and all, I shouldn’t have wasted my time because I just got annoyed with the ending. Sorry Robin Cook, never again.

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