Those Who Save Us

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I will tell you now, this is one of the most powerful books I have ever read. It’s considered as contemporary fiction, but I feel it is more of a historical literary thriller.

Those Who Save Us gives us a new perspective of the Holocaust, this time from two damaged German women; the mother and the daughter. Although this book is narrated mainly by Anna, the daughter, we also find out about her mother and her past as well. The book goes deeper into their experiences as civilians from the other side of the tracks, as they helplessly watch the crimes against the Jews and at the same time, ensuring that they themselves are out of danger.

This book asks you the question, “What if?” all throughout. I enjoyed the fact that it gave us a different outlook on the German civilians as well as the Holocaust itself, being seen from the eyes of women in very different ages.

It is very sad of course, considering the subject matter, and it is depressing as it is powerful. It is very well-written, and found myself in those two days that I read it, awake at 2am wanting to sleep but can not, because I wanted to finish it. Heartbreaking, insightful, disturbing, haunting, so full of life AND death. It is such a beautiful story, and may I say, very brave for the author to go in such depth on a still-touchy subject.

I loved this book, because not only was it wonderful as I was reading it. It was very inspirational, even causing you to have at least a moment of reflection. After I finished reading it, I immediately told my sister to read this (being the bookworm that she is like me) and she loved it too.

Definitely 10/10. Please read this book, it is just good. Period.

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