The Sweet Far Thing

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I love the first two books and was eagerly awaiting to get my hands on this one and finish it. I finally did.

This is the last installment of the Gemma Doyle trilogy, and I have to say that despite the obvious writing talent the author has, this book disappointed me more than anything else.

I thought that this was such a bad ending! It frustrated me how anti-climactic and irrelevant everything was, not to mention dragging with its 800 pages.

First of all, the characters never seem to grow up. They’re still the same immature and greedy teenagers that they were in the first book. I expected at least some kind of growth or maturity there somewhere, but found nothing. Felicity and Ann all seem to hate Gemma, and simply use her as a gateway to the realms. Their friendship is not inspiring, nothing special, genuine, or important. Pippa, by far, in my opinion, is the most intriguing character.

Another main character I found interesting was Kartik. I also loved his scenes with Gemma. But of course, the author just had to kill him. I found that unnecessary. Speaking of unnecessary, include Felicity’s “shocking” lesbian storyline. It didn’t fit! Sorry Libba Bray, it did not work.


THE CONSENSUS: If you do not want to ruin the first two books in your mind, I suggest you skip this one and create your own version of an ending. It would have gone differently, but I’m sure it would be a much better one.

Bad ending to an otherwise entertaining, imaginative series. Disappointing!

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