Sunday, January 10, 2010

A true story of the author, Alice Sebold’s, account of her rape ordeal and her struggles of acceptance and recovery.

All I can say is, wow. Anybody who is willing to share these kind of experiences to the world is amazing. It takes so much just to admit it, what more to actually sit down and write about it, expose it to every reader’s eyes?

The story is raw, in very detailed descriptions to the point that you want to stop reading because of how disturbing the events are, but at the same time, make you NOT want to stop because of how real this story is. Alice Sebold has always been a good writer, and this one was no exception. She has a way of luring you in, trapping you until the very end.

This book oozes with irony, disappointment, sadness, and pure courage. When you read it, it almost seems as if you are reading a friend’s diary. It is harrowing, heartbreaking, but very uplifting at times. A truly heart felt book that will stay in your head long after you finish the very last page.

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