Shutter Island

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shutter Island has everything nightmares are made of. There’s fear, psychological suspense, mystery, and paranoia. An unpredictable, mysterious psychological “horror” story at its finest.

Trailers have already come out for this movie showing in 2010 starring Leonardo di Caprio. First of all, as a side comment, I really believe he can pull the protagonist’s role. But on to the book review..

Summary: Shutter Island is a story set at an infamous hospital for the criminally insane. When a patient escapes the facility, investigators Teddy Daniels and his partner, Chuck Aule, are called in to the scene. Faced with confusing uncertainty and unanswered questions, they work their way to solve one of their most difficult cases to date.

Review: If you have read Lehane’s other book, The Mystic River, or watched the movie version starring Brad Pitt, and loved it as much as I did, I will tell you that Shutter Island is completely different from that one. Though the same in level of good writing, interesting plot, and unpredictable twists, they are completely different in style. Shutter Island is a psychological thriller. And a frightening one at that.

The main plot and the characters are fully developed. The dialogues were also entertaining, never boring or dull. The twists in almost every chapter in the book just creates havoc in your mind. The clues are there, but you’ll never see them. The ending… I have to say is one of the best unguessable endings I’ve read in a while.

So if you want a fast read that is capable of possibly making your hairs stand or give you chills, then this is the one for you. I recommend it.

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