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Sunday, January 10, 2010

This novel follows the story of author Juliet Ashton as she becomes friends with people of in London and Guersney Island just shortly after World War 2 ended. Juliet learns more about the island as well as the people who used to live there and is presently living there through their own stories. She decides to write a book about the people’s experiences.

At first I thought that I wouldn’t enjoy it as much because the entire book is just a collection of letters written by the character, Juliet Ashton. It’s not your typical chapter by chapter type of book, which is more of my style. I was pleasantly surprised though as I was reading. It was very interesting! I liked the characters a lot. The writing is good too, almost conversational and casual. It seems like I was already in Guersney and I knew the people myself. It takes a skilled writer to do that.

I think what’s also quite amazing about this book is how much everything fit and flowed together perfectly, even though the entire book were just filled with letters. I liked it a lot. When I’m not as broke anymore, I’ll get myself my own copy. :D

You have to read this book, very good!

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