The Year of Fog

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My rating: Out of 10, I’ll give it a 5.

Abby Mason decides to spend the day at the beach with her fiance’s six-year old daughter, Emma. Emma was just playing one minute, and then the next thing Abby knew, she was gone. Disappeared. Did the tides and waves wash her off? Did she run away? Was she kidnapped? Abby doesn’t know. Finally, she calls the cops and her fiance, Jake. With an obviously devastated and furious fiance, Abby promises to find Emma. She will, whatever it takes.

And so this book goes on, with Abby’s narrative from the moment Emma disappears until the process of trying to find her. It went on.. and on.. and on.. and on… on and on and on. It seemed like it would never end! In my opinion, it was dragging and very boring at times. I thought that the author was trying too hard to add in interesting facts to make the book more knowledgeable and credible or something. I don’t understand the purpose, and surely, the book could have made it without those unnecessary words. The entire book was repetitive, and although I liked some parts of it, like that one page where the author gives a descriptive tour of the city of San Francisco, it still did not save up for the bad parts.

Also, I did not like the ending. ::SPOILER:: My biggest pet peeve in books is when the main character does not get the credit and those things that they truly deserve. In this book, especially, after all the hard work Abby put in to find Emma, she was just ignored and forgotten by the end of the book. Just like that. I mean, I know she wouldn’t marry Jake anymore, but the author could have at least the decency NOT to take Emma completely out of her life.

This is actually one of those books that I can remember to mention if somebody asked me to name novels with bad endings. I did not like this one. Very disappointed especially that it was compared to Jodi Picoult’s books. They shouldn’t. It doesn’t come close. Sorry.

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