The Shack

Sunday, January 10, 2010

People always said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

Sorry, I might have to break that rule this time around.

Basically, this book is a guy-meets-God novel. He meets God in a shack, to be exact and he talks to Him about life and everything.

I will also say that I am Catholic, so I’m not even hating on the concept and the genre.

I’ll give reasons why I did not like this book.

  • I did not enjoy being preached at like this book did.
  • It was pretentious. Or at least, it sounded like it. Big time.
  • Writing was poor.
  • Characters are boring… uninteresting.

Reasons why this book wasn’t that bad. (Although it was bad)

  • The author, I think is a preacher, literally. So he does a good job doing that. This book sounded more like a theology/opinion book. It could be in allegory fiction too. If he put this in those sections, I would totally get what message he wants to send out.
  • I do like the way that he says that it’s not the religion that matters, but the relationship with God.

But really though, even when I found some reasons to believe how this book has become so popular, I still am not a fan. I’m sorry.

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