My Best Friend's Girl

Sunday, January 10, 2010

* Sorry for the poor quality of the picture.

This book is about Kamryn Matika, who gets a phone call from her best friend, Adele, who’s in the hospital, dying from leukemia. The only glitch is that, they haven’t even spoken in years.

Years ago, they were inseperable. Until Kamryn’s fiance cheated on her by sleeping with Adele.

Now Adele calls her to ask for forgiveness before she dies, and for something else. She’s asking Kamryn to adopt her five-year old daughter.

So this is a story about Kamryn and a five-year old girl and their lives together. A story about forgiveness, healing, loss, grief, love, and growing up along with life’s little surprises.

I personally loved this book. When I picked it up, I thought that it would be just another book that I could use to pass time. Chapters in, I couldn’t even put it down. Honestly, the story isn’t anything new or anything exceptional. Nothing was astounding about it. I just really enjoyed reading this one because 1) I like Kamryn (though she could be very annoying sometimes) and 2) The little girl is so cute.

Halfway in, I find myself surprised by the many twists and turns of the story. ::SPOILERS:: I liked the love triangle as well between ex-fiance and her new boyfriend. I personally did not like Nate, I liked Luke a lot. I loved how it ended.

The story itself is cute, light and sometimes even shocking. Read this book for mere fun and enjoyment. Recommended, 7/10

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