The Middle Place

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A memoir by the author, telling her story of her fight against cancer.

I read an advanced copy of this, before it was actually released when I was still working at Borders. Publishing companies usually send bookstores and book critics advanced copies for feedback. And they are free, so I got a copy. I’m pretty happy I picked this one.

I find reviewing memoirs and non-fiction hard just because it’s real stories of real people. How do I review a life story of an author? All I know is that when I read Kelly Corrigan’s life and her battles with cancer, I found myself searching online how she’s doing today. I think what made her story so inspiring was because of her acceptance with the ordeal, as well as her courage to fight it. I also found her family very inspirational as well, especially her husband and her father. They were lovable, and too sweet. A bit tough at times, but I think that’s what made her the strong person that she is.

She did mention at an interview at the last chapter of the book that, when she was presented with an idea to write about her cancer, that she thought it was almost close to impossible because she wasn’t even a writer. I think that in such rare circumstances, that’s the main reason why I liked this book. She wasn’t an author, not a professional writer. She is a normal woman, with parents, a husband, and children; all who stood by her and loved her no matter what.

Humbling, courageous, hilarious, heartbreaking, compassionate, and honest. These are the words I could use to describe this memoir. One of the most enjoyable non-fiction out there.

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