The Center of Everything

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Synopsis: This tells the story of ten-year-old Evelyn Bucknow, who lives a life of poverty with her mother, struggling with overwhelming circumstances. Through her years from middle school until high school, she goes on a personal journey, discovering and learning about what life really is.

Review: This was a good book. A simple story, but effectively delivered.
I think my favorite part about it was how the different issues in life were talked about. Both sides were openly explored, making not only the characters in the story more open-minded, but the readers as well. I liked the fact that there were no biased opinions, and that in all the issues explored, all the different sides were talked about. Never did it seem like a lecture either, or preachy which is absolutely a big plus.
Another really big plus is the main character, Evelyn. She was such a likable, realistic, and believable character. She sort of represents every one of us; a believer, a skeptic, a daughter, a friend, and so many more.
I do recommend this book, but it's probably not for everyone. But overall, this is a simple story about a girl, growing up, and becoming the person she's supposed to be in life.

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