Sunday, January 10, 2010

I’m trying to figure out how to summarize this book without giving away too much information.


This book is complicated, for one.

And that’s exactly what it is about.

The complicated life of a young girl who turns into a man. (gender-wise) This is not a fantasy/scifi book=)

I have been a fan of the author since reading The Virgin Suicides. And having read this book, I am still a fan.

This book is interesting, and just plain awesome. It is also on Oprah’s book club choice thing (forgive me). I have read all of her book choices and I usually am not a fan of that list (no offense), but this is my favorite from her list by far! Easily.

Exceptional story, very intriguing, great mix of history and fiction, and may I just say, one of the best protagonists I have read about so far. I was hooked as soon as I read the first sentence and really, I could not put book the book down. I know that sentence has been overused way too many times, but I’m telling you, you will know what I mean when you check this book out.

One more extra thing that I was amazed by was the way the author transitioned the events so perfectly, from his (or her) childhood to her (or his) adulthood.

I enjoyed this book very much.

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  1. *possible spoilers for others*

    I don't know kung kikiligin ako or madidisturb dun sa cruise nila Desdemona to America. But I'm leaning more towards disturbed.

    I should reread this soon.