The Gathering

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Gathering is about Veronica Hagerty, in the midst of his brother, Liam’s, death. She travels back home to London and reunites with her family, who she had a falling out with and has not spoken to for years. Of course, things go wrong because of their tempers and grudges against each other that eventually leads to Veronica revealing her past and complicated relationship with her brother.

This book won many awards, including the Booker Prize. I just don’t get why though. The plot sounds good though, right? Well, it had the potential. Unfortunately, I did not like this as much as I hoped I would. I like the idea of dysfunctional families and shocking endings that leads you to the truth about the main characters. This book did nothing but bore me. I wanted it to end, even skipped a couple of chapters. I never do that. It was very frustrating that even the ending did not leave me satisfied.

I probably wouldn’t read anything from the same author again, which might be unfortunate. Or not.

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